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THE DESIGNS RELEASE "FOREVER WRONG", debut album to follow

Electro-metal duo The Designs have released “Forever Wrong”, a new video single from the upcoming debut album [IN]VENT. The video, once again directed by the female half of the duo, Snovonne ‘Sno’ Drake, is a playful, crime documentary styled take on the song’s otherwise cynical notions of self-doubt and alienation.

“We wanted to lighten up the message a little bit…” says Sno, “people like us have always been outsiders and grew up with a certain discomfort of being judged and looked at differently. As if being yourself was a ‘crime’. So, I chose to have fun with that in the video… the interrogation turns into a dance with a unicorn, the police lineup turns into a party… obviously, being yourself is not a crime, although NOT being yourself probably should be.”

The video, which by the way also includes old VHS footage of Sno and Billy as children, came out today, July 28th. After “Begin” and “More Than This” it is the third video single from the upcoming debut album [IN]VENT, an emotional and hard-hitting piece of electro-metal work, scheduled to release on August 18th. Tour dates and more info will follow, so stay tuned!

Watch the video here:

Watch The Designs previous videos:


“More Than This”


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