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(2019 / The Child And The Bitch)

"BULLSH?T" (2018 / The Child And The Bitch)

"FILTH" (2017 / The Child And The Bitch)

"HOME" (2017 / The Child And The Bitch)

"BEST DAYS" (2017 / The Child And The Bitch)

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(2017, Rogue Records America/SORE MEdia)

The third official full-length album "The Child And The Bitch” (subtitled “Chronicles 1984 - 2014”) has been in production since 2015 and came out April 17th, 2017. With all artistic gears spinning to a maximum, it’s a big leap forward - not only its heavily emotional and expressive content, but also in its audio and visual presentation. Heavy-hitting, stompy riffs are supported by epic, aggressive orchestral arrangements and cut through with razor-sharp melancholy.  


„The concept carries a strong psychoanalytic undertone.” Snovonne says. “It's about perception, points of view. It's the battle between two voices - how you were born vs. what the world turns you into. There's no right or wrong, both the entities have values to stand on, but that doesn't stop them from clashing... I wanted to give room to both voices.”  The album was introduced with the super-melancholic “Best Days”.  The video that came out March 17, presents the album’s concept of duality, musically and visually. "Home" was the 2nd video to come out, on the day of the release, and represents the elegant and anthemic shades of this record. It was also released on the globally popular game FALLOUT 4, as part of Rogue Radio. The album was mixed and mastered by Eric Koondel in Orlando, FL.

Since then, more videos have been released: "Filth", "Bullsh?t"

Sno´s grandfather was, in his time, a reputable psychiatrist with a passion for fine arts and swing music. That had a significant influence on her artistic life. She continues: "I’ve always been fascinated by old medical journals and books… Grew up around it, family of doctors… So given the self-analytical tone of the record, it was only natural to make the artwork an old medical journal. The lyrics are my entries with dates when they were written, some of them I wrote when I was very young. As a parallel, I put in old articles from the 20’s, which I scanned from the original personal scrapbook of Dr. Frederick Finch Strong. He was a renowned persona of the last century - promoter of electrotherapy, cutting-edge in developing methods of treatment, and highly esoteric and eccentric. He was the first American to employ Tesla Coils therapeutically."

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(2012, Rogue Records America/SORE MEdia) 


Album is a finely tuned, darkly gothic concept album based around our deepest human dreams and fears. Hard rock and thrash elements combine beautifully with Sno’s soaring vocals to create a deeply melodic but heavy sound. The album contains 17 tracks including six singles “The Difference”, “Puppet's Lyric”, "Zombie Zone""Toys", "Snowhite" and "One Word". All these songs were released with videos. It also features a unique cover of Sick of It All’s "Evil Schemer" endorsed by Armand Majidi from the band. Continuing the heavy-hitter endorsement theme, the album also includes a duet “Ill Will” with Björn Strid of Swedish death metal giants Soilwork, confirming Snovonne’s metal credentials. 


"Snovonne shows that when you strip hardcore of all the machismo, the rage in it can still be captured in a whisper. It's refreshing to hear our brutal music performed with a completely different energy, and this song displays Snovonne's openness, freedom and creativity as an artist."

- Armand Majidi (Sick Of It All) on the cover of "Evil Schemer"


 “I didn't want the song to be the typical ‘the beauty and the beast’. I was more hearing a ‘dark duet between David Bowie and Kate Bush’ sort of thing that would stand out.”

- Björn Strid (Soilwork) on his vocals in "Ill Will"

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(2010, Magic Minds/SORE MEdia)

Was recorded by Sno at her home studio in London. She spent the last days of 2009 in Hannover, Germany with Jan Nemec (Magic Minds Music, worked with Celtic Frost, Grave Digger, Running Wild) mixing and mastering the album. "My Sweet Fiend", the twisted rock epic, was post-produced by Ryan Chapin and Chris Domingo (Global Mastering, FL, USA) who’ve achieved a Grammy award for one of Seal’s albums.

The title track It's Sno, Baby - Not Sugar's made into a popular video game Rock Band.

In Roadrunner "SignMeTo" campaign, Snovonne reached #1 in several charts among of hundreds of bands and achieved very good reviews and awards from fans and label's representatives.

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