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A month away from the new album ‘The Child And The Bitch’, Snovonne drops the first new video ‘Best Days’.

Directed, cut and edited by Sno herself, we get a good peek inside her mind and taste of all the bittersweet flavors that saturate the upcoming record.

“I approach filming the same way as I do painting and writing music. It’s all about the idea and about setting it into an atmosphere that will truly make it come to life…” she says. “I like heavily designed scenes, very artistic and visually stimulating, often surreal and exaggerated. Like paintings. That makes sense to me. I grew up admiring videos like that.. they had a texture, a feel.. they put the artistic content before the tech specs..“

‘Best Days’ has melancholy bleeding from every pore. Apart from levitating, we also see Snovonne split into ‘twins’. One of them is blind and can only sing, the other is mute and uses sign language to ‘sing’ the song. “This is an idea I’ve had brewing in my head for a while… “ she explains, “the need to express oneself under whatever circumstances… that speaks to me a lot. Plus, I’ve always loved sign language and wanted to use it as an artistic tool. Since I don’t know sign language, I had to learn the parts with a tutor, I really enjoyed that. ”

Rumor has it another video will come out on the day of the album’s release, April 17th.

Snovonne will be touring Europe in May - June. Dates will be announced soon!