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People call me Sno. I am a musician, that has been freelancing in graphic and video production, since 2009.

I design artwork and various materials for print as well as direct and produce video. I paint, sketch, work in digital editing and 3D software. I write and produce music, sing and play instruments.

My client list includes mainly musicians but also companies operating in various business areas.


Although I have studied art in university, my education comes from analyzing the idea and learning about how to achieve its main goal. I am constantly inspired and thrive on creativity.

Traveling keeps my mind open - I was born in Slovakia., over the past 20 years I have lived in the UK, Germany, USA and currently live in Italy. 

I am also grateful for the various countries I get to visit during tour.

Inspiration, observation and creativity are my main tools.

…One never stops learning.

Thank you for your interest in my work, I sincerely appreciate your time!

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* Full res video, artwork and client list available upon request. 


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